EV023:Rave On Rave On (#ClubCamp Collective)

Blow your whistles, sound that air horn and reach for those lasers as here comes EV023: Rave On Rave On. This MASSIVE collaborative playlist breaks some of the rules of EpicMixtape (it's quadruple C90 bonanza) but who cares when the beats are this big?!? This playlist is a collaborative effort by the #ClubCamp Collective on … Continue reading EV023:Rave On Rave On (#ClubCamp Collective)


EV018: When Animals Attack

*blows dust off blog, taps screen* Hello? Is this thing on? Oh, hello! So, it's been a while since I've blogged here. Or anywhere in fact as I've been up to my hips in dissertation writing since spring. Finally though it's done and I'm making a triumphant return with EV018 - a half-arsed and very … Continue reading EV018: When Animals Attack