EV252: Long wave radio Atlantic 252

"What's the phrase that pays?" "I listen to Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252!" The first EpicMixtape of 2011 is another retro nostalgia trip from me. This time I've pillaged my memory banks for the sounds of the early '90s. Specifically the sounds that surrounded my early evenings for most of the early '90s via Long … Continue reading EV252: Long wave radio Atlantic 252

EV013: Shoegaze vs Nu-gaze

I don't know if you remember shoegazing. To be honest, it wasn't really around for all that long, in the late 80s and very early 90s, before it was bludgeoned by grunge and steamrollered by the Britpop mothership. Ethereal, shimmering guitar music played by (mostly) thin-as-rake lads with unfeasibly long fringes, it got its name … Continue reading EV013: Shoegaze vs Nu-gaze