EV201: For the love of the game

Well hello there Epic Mixers (and mixfans!) - Andrew Beeken here, proving (in a meta way, when you see the playlist) that I'm still alive! Wanting to get back into the mixing game (cos I loves it, like) I've thrown together this list of some of my favourite tracks that have appeared in video games. … Continue reading EV201: For the love of the game

EV018: When Animals Attack

*blows dust off blog, taps screen* Hello? Is this thing on? Oh, hello! So, it's been a while since I've blogged here. Or anywhere in fact as I've been up to my hips in dissertation writing since spring. Finally though it's done and I'm making a triumphant return with EV018 - a half-arsed and very … Continue reading EV018: When Animals Attack