EV020: Holiday in Space

Set your 'phones to stun - EV020 is both intergalactic and planetary! Another new mixer bringing your aural delights as Kev Frost presents Holiday in Space - a tribute to the '60s vision of extraterrestrial day trips being for the everyman come the then-future-distant 1990s. EV020: Holiday in Space You can find the tracklist on … Continue reading EV020: Holiday in Space

EV019: Sealed with a XX

Sound the New Epic Mixer Klaxon! EV019: Sealed with a XX is the debut from Robin Newman, the brains behind Derby's Long Player event and all round musical, well, epic visionary. He says: "I was going through a phase of being really bored of the male-ness of rock music taking itself too seriously and so … Continue reading EV019: Sealed with a XX