EV023:Rave On Rave On (#ClubCamp Collective)

Blow your whistles, sound that air horn and reach for those lasers as here comes EV023: Rave On Rave On. This MASSIVE collaborative playlist breaks some of the rules of EpicMixtape (it's quadruple C90 bonanza) but who cares when the beats are this big?!? This playlist is a collaborative effort by the #ClubCamp Collective on … Continue reading EV023:Rave On Rave On (#ClubCamp Collective)

EV020: Holiday in Space

Set your 'phones to stun - EV020 is both intergalactic and planetary! Another new mixer bringing your aural delights as Kev Frost presents Holiday in Space - a tribute to the '60s vision of extraterrestrial day trips being for the everyman come the then-future-distant 1990s. EV020: Holiday in Space You can find the tracklist on … Continue reading EV020: Holiday in Space