Well hello there Epic Mixers (and mixfans!) – Andrew Beeken here, proving (in a meta way, when you see the playlist) that I’m still alive!

Wanting to get back into the mixing game (cos I loves it, like) I’ve thrown together this list of some of my favourite tracks that have appeared in video games. Some of the songs are fairly obscure, being instrumentals or songs from the game, so I’ve popped this up as a YouTube playlist to make sure you can listen to them all. I’m sure there’s some you know on there, but I’m hoping there’s going to be some new material for people! Oh, I’ve also done some artwork which you can find up above – enjoy!

EV201: For the love of the game

Watch on YouTube

1. Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton from Portal

This catchy little tune played over the end credits to the indie breakout, Portal, a first person puzzle game. The game is a great example of how a simple mechanic can be highly entertaining; it’s also VERY funny.

2. You’re Not Here by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 3

Excellent, dark little tune which captures the oppressive mood of the games; this also played at the end of the seriously underrated Silent Hill movie.

3. Open Your Heart by Crush 40 from Sonic Adventure

Superbly cheesy hair like rock from SEGA’s flawed Dreamcast classic. The lyrics are atrocious but it’s huge fun!

4. Mute City from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This version of one of the most iconic pieces of music from Nintendo’s futuristic racer, F-Zero, appeared on the Mute City stage of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii. Another catchy tune with crunchy guitars and a bit of synth.

5. Just A Day by Feeder from Gran Turismo 3

Originally a B-Side, this excellent tune from the welsh rockers shot to fame when it was featured on the PS2 game Gran Turismo 3, prompting a re-recorded version to be released on single.

6. Rock Star Land by Yellowcard from Amped

This is here because I love this song and hearing it on Amped introduced me to Yellowcard. You should check out some of their other material if you like alternative power pop with a bit of violin thrown in.

7. Metal Gear Theme by Harry Gregson Williams from Metal Gear Solid 2

The soundtrack to MGS 2 was written by Hollywood composer Harry Gregson Williams and it shows – this corking rendition of the iconic Metal Gear Theme wouldn’t be out of place in a Michael Bay flick.

8. The Farthest Land by Koh Otani from Shadow of the Colossus

A bit more relaxing, this folk/japanese infused piece twangs a soothing  acoustic rhythm.

9. You Were There by Michiru Oshima from ICO

A chilling ballad from the prequel to Shadow of the Colossus. PS3 owners should check out both of these games in the recently released HD pack.

10. Beyond the Sea by Moby & Oscar the Punk from Bioshock

Not strictly from the game, this track featured on a pack in EP with the limited edition. It’s a great tune, and fuses modern beats with the 1950’s feel of the game.

11. Legendary Theme by Coil from Gitaroo Man

A lighter, acoustic tune from a reasonably obscure PS2 rhythm game. The game is very Japanese and very excellent.

12. Paradise City by Guns N Roses from Burnout: Paradise

The game was, ultimately, fairly mediocre but hearing Slash’s jangly guitar riff blaring out when it started up was always a pleasure.

13. Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden from SSX On Tour

In no way the best of the SSX games, this gets a mention as it set this awesome metal tune to a ludicrous animated intro featuring a unicorn playing a double necked guitar. Now that’s rock.

14. Soft Machine by Coil from Gitaroo Man

A second showing from this game, but I couldn’t decide between these two songs! This is some awesome guitar driven J-Pop.

15. Less Talk More Rokk by Freezepop from Guitar Hero 2

Tough as hell to play in the game, this synth based tune will stick in your head.

16. Want You Gone by Jonathan Coulton from Portal 2

Coming full circle with another catchy tune, this is from the awesome sequel to the first game on this list. Deeper, funnier and my personal game of the year, you should go pick up Portal 2 now.


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