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*blows dust off blog, taps screen* Hello? Is this thing on? Oh, hello!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. Or anywhere in fact as I’ve been up to my hips in dissertation writing since spring. Finally though it’s done and I’m making a triumphant return with EV018 – a half-arsed and very late entry to August’s Long Player mixtape swap-a-thon.

What’s Long Player? Well, it’s a rather marvellous monthly get together at Quad in Derby to listen to an album in full. August was Pet Sounds and the first time a mixtape swap on a given theme had been introduced to the event. Of course, the aforementioned dissertation of doom meant I didn’t attend but I didn’t see why that meant I shouldn’t (eventually) make a little submission!

Here it is then.

EV018: When Animals Attack. A mixtape on the theme of pets

First things first – this is not totally my own work but a rare collaboration with my husband (who exists predominantly offline). It veres from pure pop to metal to folk and back again. The songs weave into the theme through a variety of (sometimes tenuous) guises – band name, song name, lyric or album title.

I’ve added a playlist to Spotify.

  1. Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia
  2. Belle and Sebastian – Dog on Wheels
  3. Mull Historical Society – Animal Cannabus
  4. Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Godhopping
  5. Ugly Kid Joe – Cat’s in the Cradle
  6. Super Furry Animals – Golden Retriever
  7. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Poodle Rockin’
  8. Juliette and the Licks – You’re Speaking My Language
  9. Deftones – Around the Fur
  10. Carcass – Pedigree Butchery
  11. Primus – Tommy the Cat
  12. Throwing Muses – Snakeface
  13. Isobel Campbell – The Cat’s Pyjamas
  14. The Cure – The Caterpillar
  15. Cat Stevens – I love my dog
  16. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
  17. Suede – Wild Ones (from the album Dog Man Star)
  18. Cerys Matthews – White Horses

And yes, the title of this tape is a cheeky nod to gone but not forgotten Derby band Cable. They once did the music for a Sprite ad you know?

Next Long Player theme

The next Long Player will be at the Quad in Derby on Wednesday 21 September when they’ll be playing Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours in full. Go along and enjoy and by all means, whether you can make it or not, get your mix on – the theme for mixtapes is ‘Secrets, lies and mysteries’. Check out the Facebook event page for more info about both.

You can add your version of the pet theme in the comments below or on the Long Player Facebook page.

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