The first in a series of mix tapes documenting bands I actually remember seeing at music festivals. This offering is from Reading Festival 2002. The first one where I was let off the leash so to speak. Without further ado…

  1. Fenix TX: Phoebe Cates
  2. New Found Glory: Better off dead
  3. Less than Jake: All my best friends are metalheads
  4. Goldfinger: 99 red balloons
  5. Capdown: Ska wars
  6. Offspring: The kids aren’t alright
  7. NOFX: Dinosaurs will die
  8. Rival Schools: Used for glue
  9. A: Nothing
  10. Muse: Plug in baby
  11. Hundred Reasons: If I could
  12. Incubus: Wish you were here
  13. Sick of it All: Step Down
  14. Slipknot: Left Behind
  15. Prodigy: Breathe
  16. The Streets: Let’s push things forward

So there you have it. A bit of a variation and a reflection of my music taste at the time. Expect these to get more eclectic as the years go by. Public playlist available on spotify for this mixtape.

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