Okay, we’re jumping ahead a few numbers on this one, while the rest of the mixers get their thang together. I’ve had EV009 sitting around for a couple of months now, so I’m glad to finally be able to unleash it. I’m a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately where Rush is concerned (thank you Rock Band 2), but I’ve done my best to catch up on their back catalogue.

Partially influenced by a scene in a Futurama episode where the character Fry mentions playing Space Invaders along to his ‘All Rush Mixtape’, this collection represents my favourite tunes from the material I have.

I had to lay a few rules down; as it was influenced by Fry, I couldn’t allow any songs after 1999 (the year he was cryogenically frozen… oh, just go and watch the series already!) and I wasn’t going to allow any looooong songs (sorry 2112, as awesome as you are you’re too long for my mixtape!)

Anyway – here you go!

Side A (listen on Spotify | listen on YouTube)

  1. Red Barchetta
  2. Roll the Bones
  3. Closer to the Heart
  4. Prime Mover
  5. Limelight
  6. Subdivisions
  7. Where’s My Thing?
  8. Presto
  9. Tears

Side B (listen on Spotify | listen on YouTube)

  1. A Passage to Bangkok
  2. YYZ
  3. New World Man
  4. Lessons
  5. Cinderella Man
  6. Red Tide
  7. Second Nature
  8. Tom Sawyer
  9. A Farewell to Kings
  10. Vital Signs

UPDATE: After a tweet from Twitter user Julian Scarlet I’ve endeavoured to provide a Spotify-less option to listen to the playlist. At the moment I’m trying YouTube, however that has limitations as to which songs are available and, consequently, the playlists are missing Presto, Red Tide and Second Nature. If anyone has a better idea, please don’t hesitate to fire away in the comments…

5 thoughts on “EV009: The All Rush Mixtape

  1. Great idea for a mixtape this one 🙂 Like Russell says, using YouTube’s inriguing – gives another dimension to the mixtape – the videotape?!

  2. Many thanks for putting this on YT Andrew. *Finally* got round to listening to it. God, it takes me back to arguments with my l’il brother in the late 70s easly 80s (him=Rush, Genesis, Jethro Tull etc; me=punk). Never did get them resolved but I can see why he liked it. Sort of 😉

    One day I might even get round to a late 70s anti-soft rock reply to this mix tape. One day!

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