OK, so here’s my first contribution.

It’s a load of “Alternative” tunes from my “indie” DJing days of the late 80s to early 90s. Some crowd pleasers, some personal favourites – you can even dance to a fair number of them!

Here’s the track listing:

Side 1:

1.”Nothing Can Stop Us” – Saint Etienne

2.”Take 5” – Northside

3.”Fishes Eyes” – New F.A.D.s

4.”Cab it up!” – The Fall

5.”Only Losers Take the Bus” – Fatima Mansions

6.”You made me realise” – My Bloody Valentine

7.”Big bad baby pig squeal” – Silverfish

8.”Remember what it is that you love” – The Family Cat

9.”Destroy the heart” – The House of Love

10.”Shallow” – Catherine Wheel

11.”Quick as rainbows” – Kitchens of Distinction

12.”Jacket hangs” – The Blue Aeroplanes

Side 2:

1.”All on you (perfume)” – Paris Angels

2.”Mama told me not to come” – The Wolfgang Press

3.”The storm” – World of Twist

4.”Robinson Crusoe” – Cud

5.”Don’t fear the reaper” – The Bridewell Taxis

6.”Dreamtime (Mix)” – The Heart Throbs

7.”Sweetness and light” – Lush

8.”Deus” – The Sugarcubes

9.”Trumpton Riots” – Half Man Half Biscuit

10.”Buffalo” – Stump

11.”Lil’ Devil” – The Cult

12.”Do it quick” – Snuff

I’ve blogged more fully about it here, and you can listen/download from soundcloud. Also, anyone who is a “friend” to me on Twitter can request an actual cassette copy – although I’ll have to limit this to 10 copies sorry!

Respect due to Sarah, Dan, Jamie, Russell, Andrew and the rest of the @epicmixtapecrew!




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